So who is Lindsay, anyway?

Hello, there!

I am Lindsay. I am the creator of the Better Life Budget series, and I am so happy that you are interested in getting your finances in order to live a debt free life!

Before creating the Better Life Budget I was (and still am!) the blogger over at One Beautiful Home Blog – where I create Resources for A Happier Home. There I write about finances, parenting, home management, and education. I am know for my printable resources!

How and why did I develop the Better Life Budget Series?

On April 8th, 2014 ( I remember because it was my birthday) we came home from an amazing day of fun with my Husband and Son – to a letter from our student loan provider. My husband had completed his MBA 5.5 months prior – and they were sending us a letter to let us know that in a few weeks our first payment was going to be due.

The amount of the payment was 450 more than our mortgage payment!

I immediately called the company, because I thought there had to be a mistake. Turns out, there was not a mistake, and they were not willing / able to do anything for us to help ease the burden of this insanely high monthly payment.

I wont lie – I got sick. I panicked. How were we going to be able to afford this AND groceries? We were not living above our means, we did not have credit card debt – but if we did nothing we were going to have this payment for 26 years!! note- our son who was 3 would have graduated from college before our student loans were paid back

That night I sat down, and ran our “figures” (see more about that HERE) – I was sick again,  then got real and created my Soon-To-Be Debt Free Workbook (which you’ll receive in the Debt Free E-Course). This workbook helped us manage our money, track our debt payments, and help us pay (snowball) extra every month towards our debts. So… we could live debt free!

For the past few years I have been sharing my workbook with my readers and the feedback has been AMAZING! Without exaggeration it has changed peoples lives (not just ours).  but… people wanted more. They wanted to attack their debts with more fire, they wanted a better look at their financial health. So, after months and months of hard work the Better Life Budget Series was created!

Truth!- My husband and I are not yet able to say we are debt free. However, using the system I have created we will be, and soon! We will not be raising our sons, with the stress of monthly payments always on our mind.

We are becoming debt free, while still living a fabulous life, and you can too!

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